Let’s face it: We’re all eating too much sugar. It’s basically in everything — even foods you wouldn’t think of as being particularly sweet. This doesn’t mean there is no room for a conscious indulgence here and there, but our day-to-day habits, like adding sugar to coffee or having ketchup with your burger, can really add up. When you avoid unnecessary sources of sugar, your body will crave them less, and your palate will change to recognize and appreciate more natural sources of sugar. You may be surprised when an apple, carrots and beets taste perfectly sweet to you. Most people have a sweet tooth. And almost always, people feel horribly guilty after indulging, be it chocolate, ice cream, other sweets, etc. Mr. Frost offers consumers, a healthier option for their sweet tooth cravings. It is a GUILT-FREE PLEASURE for the entire family.

We’ve all been there. Keeping track of every single calorie we consume — trying to not go over a certain amount or trying to eat at least X number to bulk up. The truth is, when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, counting calories might actually be counterproductive never mind enjoyable. While there are some exceptions, the average person simply trying to eat healthier to look and feel better or start losing some pounds does NOT need to know the exact number of calories they consume each day. “Low calorie” isn’t a synonym for healthy. If your food choices are solely determined by how many calories they have to offer you’re prone to substitute healthier choices with low calorie junk food, which misses the point of healthy eating entirely.

Time to look into Mr Frost Rolls now. Once you move beyond the spectacle and start eating it, you’ll realize what you’ve got is exactly the same cold treat you’ve always known and loved, only delivered as sculpture. Meantime, as you watch it being formed, you’ve been entertained—or transfixed, or confused, as the case may be. We’ll take ice cream in any form you want to give it to us, but these gorgeous Mr Frost ice cream rolls make your jaws drop when you first see them on Instagram. Completely obsessed, you had to get the scoop on them. Not only is it delicious, but watching them make and mold the ingredients is a show! Mr Frost rolls have the advantage of freshness, and do not require stabilizer and emulsifier additives. Most emulsifiers have a high fat content and a number of people have sensitivities to these products, which can cause gastrointestinal gas.